We have established “TAACHI” in the Ryotsu shopping district in the Ryotsu district of Sado Island.
At this place, about a 10-minute walk from Ryotsu Port Sado Kisen Terminal
As a place to create new value and possibilities without limiting the way it should be
It will be a base for new tourism, information dissemination, emigration, two-base life, and town development.
It will start as a complex facility centered on the contemporary art gallery “TAACHI”.

The meaning of “taachi”, which is the name of the facility, is “taachi”, which means “2” such as “two” and “second” in the Okinawan dialect.
The origins of the island of Sado, Osado and Kosado “2”, Both of the meanings of Ryotsu’s Chinese characters “2”,
We named it “taachi” with the hope that many customers would gather as “another place”.